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Your Rottweiler dog training needs to commence early, as Rottweiler puppies will begin to display their natural abilities from a very young age. These are abilities that we need to manage, satisfy and sometimes amplify. When you are selecting your puppy, you’ll notice differences between the behaviour of each puppy, giving you an indication of

French Bulldog

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  The French Bulldog is a small breed of domestic canines; commonly referred to as Frenchies or in its native home, known as Bouledogue Francais͛, are the result of an 1800s crossbreeding of the well-known British Bulldog that was imported into France and the local Ratters of Paris. In 2015, they were found to be


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Labrador Retriever is a highly capable and versatile working breed as well as the number one most popular family dog in UK and several other countries around the world. But despite being a common pet dog, they are an extraordinary breed with a fascinating history and a breed profile full of superlatives, including fabulous intelligence


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Boxers are great family pets and can often be referred to as the clown of dogs for their joyful personality and clumsy behaviour which can be quite entertaining. They are a loyal companion and make great guard dogs, alerting their owners of anyone who approaches the property. They tend to love affection from people they


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Are you looking for a characterful dog, and you have plenty of time and space to invest in training? If so, then a Weimaraner could fit the bill. On a scale of 0-10 for exercise, the Weimaraner comes in at an 11 for energy, playfulness, and endurance. This makes the breed perfect for the active


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A Doberman’s puppyhood is critical for their psychological development. When they become teenagers their attitude is changes. They become stronger mentally and physically. When teenagers you will be able to direct them to their proper purpose during their lifetime. They are suitable for any kind of Dog Training Area (Dog Sports, Obedience, Protection), or they

Border Collie

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Border Collie is working breed belonging to KC Pastoral Group. This sensitive, athletic and highly intelligent herding breed is also employed in search and rescue operations, scent detection work, and a variety of other canine jobs. Border Collies achieve the highest awards in a range of a canine sports, notably dog agility, canine freestyle, obedience,

Siberian Husky

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Did you fall for the wolf-like looks in a domestic dog, of a husky? Whilst you love your dog to bits, this is a challenging breeds to own, not least because their  reason for living is to escape, and run and run and run...Indeed, there’s little down time when you share the home with a


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Akita’s are a powerful, independent and dominant dog. Historically used to hunt wild boar, deer and bears this dog can hold its own in any situation. With such an independent, large and fearless dog a confident and consistent leader is needed to keep the Akita from testing you and everything around you. Akita’s are not

Jack Russell Terriers

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A well-socialised and well-trained Jack Russell makes for a resilient companion who is up for anything, adores being around the family, and can keep up on a day-long hike. With a solid emotional grounding that starts in puppyhood, these rugged little dogs can physically tolerate rough-handling from kids and keep coming back for more with

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