Kennel Assistant and Pet Carer


At Royvon Rugby, we understand the difficulties that can come with choosing the best care for your dogs. That’s why we have an amazing team that you can trust with your precious family member! Meet James, our Kennel Assistant and Pet Carer who is dedicated to caring for each and every guest.

James is a qualified Kennel Assistant and Pet Carer at Royvon. Firstly, he served in the Regular Army for thirty-eight years, the last fifteen as a Regimental Police Dog handler. Here, he worked with large breed dogs such as German Shepherds, Rottweilers and Malinois. After leaving the Army, James worked for two years as an animal technician (Unit specialist) and pet carer at Waltham on The Wolds International Centre For Pet Care and Nutrition. At Waltham, he was responsible for the care and husbandry of all the animals. This included Labradors, Beagles, various breeds of Terrier, Bassets and fish. James also gained experience in environmental work as a lakeside warden in Bedfordshire, improving the habitat for wildlife.

As you can see, James has plenty of experience that he’s brought to his role at Royvon! He uses all of his experience to care for our guests to the best standard possible, making sure that every one has an amazing stay with us.


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Stave Hall Farm, Fosse Way, Nr Monks Kirby, CV23 0RL

01788 524454