Cockapoos are adorable dogs that are a cross between a Cocker Poodle and a Spaniel. They’re friendly and energetic dogs that are loved by people all over the world because of their adorable looks and personalities! As a result of their generally easy-going but eager personalities, Cockapoo puppy training can be surprisingly easy! In this article, we’ll be going through some of the basics you need to know about Cockapoo training, as well as some general tips and advice if you are thinking about adding one to your family. As with any dog breed, it’s a big commitment, so you need to be prepared and know what you’re getting into before you get one.

Cockapoos come in many different colours and sizes, and make a great breed for many people who are usually allergic to dogs. They also tend to be very loyal pets, making them an ideal family dog. They tend to be good around children, and their small to medium size means that they don’t take up too much space around the home. In fact, it’s not unheard of to keep miniature Cockapoos as pets in apartments- but they will still need plenty of exercise! But what do you, as a Cockapoo owner, need to think about when it comes to caring for and training your new family member? Let’s take a look at some of our top tips below:

Cockapoo puppy training

Cockapoo Training and Things to Consider

Do you want to have a relaxed Cockapoo?

In order to have a calm and relaxed Cockapoo, it is important to include physical exercise and mental stimulation into their daily routines and Cockapoo puppy training. Mental stimulation can include obedience, trick training, activity puzzles, and Kongs, for example. They need around 30 minutes of physical activity a day (at least!) so make sure you can meet this commitment every day before you commit to getting a dog. Alternatively, you could consider the services of a dog walker if you’re not going to be in all day. They can come to your home and take your dog out for the exercise they need.

Have you thought about agility training? 

Agility training is an activity that uses plenty of mental and physical energy! It is great for owner and dog bonding and can really help strengthen your relationship together. Cockapoos thrive off spending time with their owners and being active so this may be a sport to look into if you want to make that unbreakable bond. Having a great relationship with your dog is vital, and is a process that builds up throughout their life. Having a strong foundation will also make future Cockapoo training easier. So, it’s a win-win situation for everyone!

Be prepared for an energetic breed

There’s no denying that Cockapoos can be energetic when around people and other dogs. It may be useful to teach a ‘settle’ command early on in their training, so that your dog can be rewarded for calm behaviour when they are in busy environments. As they are intelligent dogs, Cockapoo training such as this is usually easy for dog and owner to master. All it takes is a little practice using the correct commands and positive training methods, and your Cockapoo should soon learn what they need to do to get a positive reaction from you.

What to think about before Buying…

If you’re thinking about buying a Cockapoo, make sure you look at the breeding parents first. Working spaniels and poodles will produce a more lively and energetic Cockapoo. So, it may be useful to compare the different lines of the breeds in order to find the most compatible Cockapoo for your lifestyle. There are also lots of colours possible, as well as different sizes. Perhaps a miniature Cockapoo would be better for you and your family? They’re becoming increasingly popular, so make sure you are aware of the signs of a bad breeder and always look at the parents with the puppies before you make your purchase. As this is a popular breed, you could also consider looking into a rescue dog.

Motivation is a big part of Cockapoo puppy training

Most Cockapoos are toy and food motivated, which makes these ideal to use both as rewards in training. Using different treats and ‘life rewards’, such as playing tug, will keep your training interesting, fun, and engaging for your dog. As they’re an intelligent breed, they need plenty of mental stimulation as a part of their training to make sure that they don’t get bored!


A Vocal Breed

Cockapoos can be quite vocal and bark a lot when they are excited and playing with other dogs. This may be something to think about, especially if you have your Cockapoo from a puppy. If this is unwanted behaviour for your lifestyle, it is important not to reinforce this barking in any way through training. There are positive Cockapoo puppy training methods you can use to help encourage quiet and calm behaviour, such as only rewarding them with food or a toy when they have played quietly, for example.

Proper introductions

It’s important to teach appropriate greetings when your Cockapoo meets with people. This is because, when they are puppies, Cockapoos can tend to get very excited and jump up. This quickly becomes learned behaviour for adult dogs, which makes it harder to correct. To help combat this, you should only reward and give attention to your dog when they have all four paws on the ground. This will encourage them to stay on the floor, even when they are young puppies.

Make sure you frequently groom your Cockapoo

The Cockapoo’s coat needs to be groomed frequently, usually by a professional grooming service. So, this is important to keep in mind if you want a very low maintenance dog. While they can be small, the Cockapoo’s grooming regime can’t be mised. It’s also important to regularly brush them as their coats can quickly become matted, especially in areas such as behind the ears, due to their curly coat.

The Cockapoo’s love for other Dogs

Cockapoos typically love interacting with other dogs, so it’s important to build up a good recall to ensure that you, as their owner, are still their main focus. This will allow you to give your Cockapoo freedom and let them off the lead in the park and so on, knowing that you can let them socialize with other dogs but call them back when needed. When training recall, use high-value treats or rewards in order to make your dog see that it is worth coming back to you!

An Intuitive Breed

Cockapoos are very intuitive to our emotions and can be seen as quite sensitive dogs. So, a positive and relaxed approach to Cockapoo training, as a puppy and as an adult, is crucial to get the best results out of your dog. Being confident and relaxed as an owner will provide your dog with the sense of confidence and security they need to thrive and learn quickly from their training.

Overall, Cockapoos can make the perfect family pet for a variety of situations. They are fairly easy to care for, are loving, and usually enjoy and respond well to training.

Cockapoo training videos

At Royvon, we love Cockapoos of all colours and sizes! Training them, whether they’re a puppy or an adult, is really rewarding. Take a look at this video we’ve produced to tell you a little more about this popular and loving breed:

Cockapoo puppy training: recall and obedience

In this video, we are working with Pixie the Cockapoo. Pixie’s owners wanted her to be more responsive to commands and to generally be more obedient. They struggled with this due to her hyper-active nature. Being a puppy, Pixie was extremely impressionable and quickly picked up that focus and obedience would result in a reward. This led to her quickly learning positive behaviours and becoming better-behaved as a result!

In this video, meet Milo, who is a three-year-old Cockapoo. Milo’s owners wanted him to recall when called and generally be more obedient. Our dog trainer, Thanasis, used high-value rewards to improve Milo’s focus and show him the benefit of this behaviour. Thanasis also trained Milo around distractions to make sure that this behaviour would be consistent in real-world scenarios. Now, with consistent owner training, Milo will become more obedient and learn better recall skills! Just because your dog is no longer a puppy, doesn’t mean that their unwanted behaviours can’t be improved with consistent positive training. You don’t have to be stuck with the hand you’ve been dealt!

Need some help with your Cockapoo training? Please get in touch with Royvon! We have a range of training options, from 1-2-1 sessions to residential stays that all help your furry friend to be on their best behaviour. And, we don’t just work with Cockapoos. We love working with dogs of all breeds. And, over our 60-plus years in business, we have worked with dogs with all sorts of issues. From puppies who need basic training to those adult dogs who are experiencing severe anxiety or aggression, we have truly seen it all! Please visit our website or get in touch to find out more about what we offer and discover the best option for you.

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