OF AN Akita

Akita’s are a powerful, independent and dominant dog. Historically used to hunt wild boar, deer and bears this dog can hold its own in any situation. With such an independent, large and fearless dog a confident and consistent leader is needed to keep the Akita from testing you and everything around you.

Akita’s are not that interested in being around other dogs and can often show signs of aggression especially if they haven’t been socialized properly from an early age and are generally happier being alone or in pairs. Akita’s can have problems with dogs of the same sex and of other animals so early exposure and socialisation is very important.

Often aloof with strangers they are very affectionate and protective over family and are generally good with children as long as they don’t see the dog as a giant toy. But with the right socialisation and strong leadership you can have a great companion that is very loyal and loving, this is reflected in their use as a therapy dog with the elderly and children alike.

Akita’s are versatile and are a strong showing in dog competitions, competing in many arenas from Schutzhund, tracking trials and agility. Creating a strong bond and showing good consistent leadership is the key to having a successful relationship with your Akita, a mutual respect is needed, a respect from you as they are powerful and potentially dangerous if in the wrong hands and a respect from the dog as he will need to listen to you and follow instruction when asked.

Akita’s can become anxious when left alone, they like a companion and if you are away for a long time that can cause anxious and destructive behaviour, don’t leave your Akita alone for long periods of time and feed them with mental stimulation to engage their intelligent mind otherwise whining and chewing will start to occur.


top tip 1

Be confident and consistent in your handling and training of your Akita. Akita’s are strong headed and need consistent rules.

top tip 2

Socialise from an early age with other dogs especially of the same sex and other animals such as cats as much as possible.

top tip 3

Use their brain! Akita’s are an intelligent breed and giving them a job to do can help stimulate them mentally and help settle them.

top tip 4

Earn their respect, Akita’s can be an assertive breed, having a healthy level of respect between the two of you will keep them from testing you but consistency is needed.

top tip 5

Don’t leave them alone for long periods of time, this breed bonds to one person and can become anxious and stressed when that person is away for long periods of time.

top tip 6

They are good with children as long as they treat the dog with respect and don’t climb all over them.

top tip 7

Versatility is the Akita’s middle name; from agility to showing these dogs do great in competitions. Practise something new and find some hidden talents.

top tip 8

Introduce to many strangers when they are young to help quell their natural standoffish behaviour with people who they don’t know.

top tip 9

Regular grooming is required as Akita’s can shed a lot.

top tip 10

Some people may have a negative perception of Akita’s because of their size, show everybody how great these loving dogs can be.

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