Our Approach to
Dog Training Club

Royvon is offering the possibility to dog parents to work with their dog in a professional environment and under professional guidance from our trainers. The structure of the club has the same concept as a gym membership. Each month we will offer a set number of lessons and the owners will be required to attend with their dogs.

The schedule will be as flexible as possible with lessons available on different days and times including weekdays and weekends.

We will create a structured training plan for all the dogs out there, regardless of the challenges, whether the issues are related to the dog’s behaviour or the dog’s obedience level.

The concept of the Club is to bring all dogs to the same level of obedience and behaviour at the same time, and approach and tackle individual issues that the dogs have. Everyone is welcome to become a member.

Royvon Dog Training Club will help you to improve your Relationship with your dog, your handling skills, your understanding of your dog and help with the planning of a training schedule that both you and your dog can work to.

We will work with you to improve your dogs behaviour and their level of performing according to their skills and abilities, all of this in relationship with you as parents.