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Welcome to Royvon dog training and Hotels. Our dog hotels provide our distinguished doggy guests with purpose built modern accommodation and outstanding facilities which are suitable for all sizes and breeds of dog.

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We understand that Just like humans no two dogs are exactly the same. All dogs do not eat at the same time or eat the same food, not all dogs like the same type of bed, the same type of treat, the same amount of exercise. At Royvon we get this and in order to make the stay of our guests the best experience possible we offer them the option of bringing along their own bed and belongings, their own toys, and their own food if they so wish. At Royvon we try to create a home from home for your dog.

Just like some families have more than one child, some families also have more than one dog. This is why we have a variety of rooms available. The number of dogs that can occupy a room depends on the breed of dog and how they interact with each other. Standard or luxury rooms are available.

Visit our help centre to find answers to any questions you may have about our boarding services.

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Exercise packages

We know that dog's need plenty of mental and physical stimulation but you know your pet better than us so are in the best position to decide on the best option. With three levels of activity packages available, you can choose which one is best suited to your budget and your dog’s unique needs and behaviour.

The Five star Activity package consists of Two 45 minute play sessions and one 20 minute 1- 2-1 session per day. Facebook updates every day. The Four Star activity Package consists of Two 45 minute play sessions per day. Facebook updates every day. The Three star activity package consists of One 45 minute play session per day. Facebook updates every day.

Please visit our Help Centre to find further information about our Exercise and Activity Packages.

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