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Having a busy lifestyle is fun, but it’s not always easy! You want the best for your dog, even when things get hectic. Making sure they’re well cared for is a priority, but you just can’t do it yourself all day, every day. So, our Dog Day Care in Rugby is here to help! If you want to make sure your pup is cared for throughout the day, isn’t lonely, is having fun, and perhaps even getting some training, this could be a great option! Our trustworthy, professional team are here to care for your dog when it suits you, with optional training sessions also available! At Royvon Rugby, we always care for each dog like they’re our own. Making sure they’re happy, with enough mental and physical stimulation, as well as plenty of love, is our top priority! We’re here to give you peace of mind to go about your busy day, knowing your four-legged friend is well cared for, and you’ll come home to a happy pooch!



At Royvon Rugby, we know that most puppies and dogs love socialising with their own kind! This is one great way to make sure they grow up into confident, happy pups. At Royvon Rugby, we know that every dog is different. That’s why we tailor their daily activities every day, ensuring they have plenty of opportunities to socialise in a safe and healthy way with other dogs. We always provide a secure, controlled environment to make sure everyone stays safe! Over time, your dog will become more usd to others, and you should see big changes in them as their confidence grows in all areas of their lives!

It’s always a bit nerve-wracking, trying to find the very best people to care for your dog. They need to be the right fit, and you need to trust them in every situation! So, at Royvon, we take steps to make sure every single team member is right for the job of looking after your precious pets. We’re all genuine dog lovers who are trained to a high standard, with a range of external and internal training courses. We’re also trained in Canine First Aid, to make sure we can be there in the unlikely event of something going wrong. We have over 60 years of experience in the pet care business, so we’ve seen it all! No matter what your dog’s personality is like, we’re here to help and care for them. We provide the right solutions with our progressive training methods and loving attitude, to help your pet develop while they’re with us for dog day care in Rugby.



Dog day care at Rugby is a great solution for a number of situations! For example, you may be worried about leaving your dog alone all day, or they might just hate being in the house! Whatever your situation, please don’t worry, there’s never anything to be ashamed of. Every dog is different, and some just don’t like being alone. They may even exhibit destructive behaviours or barking if they find being home alone stressful;. Dog day care is one way to combat this! You’ll never need to worry about them being unhappy. With us, we’ll make sure they’re having fun, are safe and cared for, and even get the training they need if you wish!

Have you got a dog that’s a little unruly, but you just don’t want to leave them while they have a residential training stay? Or, maybe you’d like your dog to be better trained but simply don’t have the time for regular training classes? We offer dog day care with training, where you can let a professional do the training for you! If you’d like to know more, take a look at our Dog Day Care with Training in Rugby page. We always aim for our training sessions to be fun for your dog. We help them to reach their true potential, while showing owners that big behavioural changes can be made with surprisingly small changes in training!

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We have over 60 years of experience behind us at Royvon. So, we’ve got plenty of experience in caring for and training dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds, and personalities! Whatever issues you may be experiencing, you can feel assured that we know what we’re doing and have dealt with a dog like yours.

We’re strong believers in the fact that every single dog is an individual, and has different needs! So, we develop activities and training plans to suit them best. Whether they have strong behavioural issues or just need to learn a few manners, we’re here for them, and you.

Our Rugby location also has amazing facilities! We have four play and activity areas for your dog to enjoy with their new friends. Safety is also our top priority, with CCTV coverage and our general manager Megan living on site. Plus, we’ve been awarded 5 stars by Rugby Borough Council, which is the highest available rating.

If you’re looking for dog day care in Rugby with a difference, please get in touch today- we’d love to discuss your requirements!


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