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At Royvon, we know that your dog is an important part of the family! However, we also know that most families choose to travel occasionally, whether it’s for a holiday, family, or something else. Unfortunately, your dog can’t always come with you, which can cause stress and doubt. That’s where Royvon’s dog boarding in Rugby can help!

There are a few options to choose from when it comes to looking after your pet. You could ask a friend, a pet sitter, or another service. But, this never feels like the perfect solution. Often, you worry about things that might go wrong. You don’t know who has the right experience or training. Or, you could be concerned about what will happen to your dog. Plus, what happens if they let you down at the last minute?

There are plenty of concerns, and you worry that choosing the wrong solution will affect your time away. You may even feel helpless and unsure if you should go away at all! At Royvon, we understand all of these concerns! That’s why we want to work with you to deliver the right solution that all the family are happy with.



We know that it’s common to leave your dog care solution a bit late, which doesn’t help when it comes to stress! You’ve already booked your plans, and are hoping you can find the perfect solution last minute. So, we recommend having a reliable care provider that you can rely on time and time again, to minimise your stress and help you enjoy your time away.

At Royvon Rugby, we want to be the care provider that you come back to year after year. We would never want any pet parents to have to make a last minute decision that they’re not completely sure is the right setting for their dog. So, that’s why we encourage all pet parents to plan ahead and make sure their dog will be comfortable ahead of time.

Also, you never know when a trip might come up last minute! Don’t worry- let us help your dog become ‘travel ready’ before you go, by letting our competent staff care for them to the highest standards. This means you can worry less and not have to rush to find a last minute solution that might not work!



We’re so proud of the service we offer at Royvon Rugby! In fact, dogs that love spending time with humans and other dogs always enjoy their time with us. We want to help as many families have the best time away possible whilst their dogs have their own holiday with us here in Rugby! You shouldn’t have to worry about your four-legged family members before you travel- everything should be about looking forward to it. But of course you want them to have fun too! So, we offer a complete range of activities to keep your dog mentally and physically active throughout their stay.

If you’re worried about missing your dog, don’t fear! We offer daily photo updates through Facebook so you can keep up with what they’re doing. And, we always aim to be 100% transparent. Because our guests love staying at Royvon, we’re sure that they’ll love their holiday with us as much as you enjoy yours!

But what about anxious or nervous dogs? If your dog has some extra needs or isn’t used to being away from home, we understand that leaving them in someone else’s care can be daunting! We feel the same way about our pets, after all. So, we offer a stepped approach to ease our more anxious guests into a stay with us. We also offer families with dogs on this programme personalised report cards, so you know a bit more about how they’re doing each day.

We offer two different boarding packages at Royvon Rugby. This includes our Classic Dog Boarding option, and for those who would like a few extra conveniences during their stay, our new Concierge Boarding option would be perfect! This includes extras like cuddles at bedtime and a pet taxi to collect and deliver your dog door-to-door. Please get in touch today to discuss your needs.



Every dog is different, therefore we cater for each and every dog as an individual and understand their personal requirements. If your dog is particularly anxious, or you’re not sure about leaving them for boarding, we can discuss their needs in detail and come up with a structured plan to ensure that they have the best time possible for their stay. Firstly, please complete our Enquiry Form (LINK), so we can answer any queries you might have, alongside advice and quotations on your usual travel arrangements. We advise this as the first point of contact so we can help with any questions or initial anxieties.

After your questions have been answered, we can support you to decide whether our Wrwickshire branch will be the right fit for you and your dog. Usually, this starts with a phone call, but we’d love to arrange a tour of our facility if you’d like to experience it first hand!

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Next, if you feel comfortable, we can offer a complimentary taster session to help get your dog used to being at Royvon! This could include a day care or overnight boarding stay. We offer a few options to suit all dogs and help you ensure we’re the best fit for your family! We may recommend additional introductory stays to help your furry friend become more settled, so they’re happy to attend for longer while you’re away!

Our stepped approach is the best way we’ve found to introduce anxious or nervous dogs to a new environment. Our qualified team uses the best methods for each individual to help them settle in, so they’re far more likely to enjoy their stay with us. Plus, you can have extra peace of mind that they’re in safe hands while you’re away!



We’re a third-generation family business that’s passionate about dogs! Each staff member is professionally trained in dog care to offer the best service possible. Plus, the whole Royvon team is behind you and your dog. And, our MD Darren is always staying ahead of the game, regularly researching and attending conferences in the US to learn about all of the latest dog care news and methods.

We always use the best and latest techniques and resources in our boarding and training. This makes sure that your pet stays happy and healthy throughout their stay with us! We’ve got plenty of toys and equipment to choose from, so we know your dog will be having just as much fun as you on holiday!

Furthermore, our Warwickshire location is very quiet and peaceful, away from the stressful hustle and bustle of everyday life. We’ve got amazing large playground areas and even an agility course for your active dogs to enjoy! The experience team has a wide range of experience, including Animal Management degrees! They’re all genuine dog lovers who care for every dog as if it’s their own. If that wasn’t enough, we have been awarded 5 stars by Rugby Borough Council- the highest possible rating for a dog care facility!

Don’t believe us? Simply check out our reviews– they speak for themselves! You can find reviews from plenty of happy pet parents on Feefo, Google, Facebook, and our social media pages.

We’re dedicated to helping you find the right dog boarding solution for your family. Please get in touch today to discuss your requirements- we’d love to have your dog stay with us, and let you save the day by finding the right solution for everyone!

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