Jodie has been around dogs all her life, growing up with a houseful of them. When she was in a position to take on her very own dog she knew she had to rescue and she knew it had to be a staffie. Needless to say she has experience of living with and training rescues and helping them to settle into the home.

Jodie has a solid background in the theories of training and how animals learn, which she gained through her Honours Degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare. She has plenty of practical hands- on experience too which she has acquired over the past 8 years, both in the pet-dog world but also through her work training assistance dogs.

For over five years Jodie worked for a charity where she trained young dogs to become accredited assistance dogs for adults with physical disabilities. She has extensive experience in developing basic obedience including loose lead walking, recall and focus around distractions. She has also helped dogs develop good social skills including appropriate greetings, building their general confidence levels and helping busy dogs to switch off and settle. Jodie explains “training an assistance dog takes a holistic approach. Every element of that dog and its training needs to be considered and developed. From behaviours in the home, to being out and about in public spaces, exercise, car travel. You name it, I’ve most likely worked on it in some way”.

Jodie really enjoys working with dogs that are under confident as she gets great satisfaction in helping them develop and build their confidence. Be it with new people, dogs or just the great outdoors. She also enjoys working with new dog owners to help them set up and establish good routines and habits for their new dog.
Jodie is great with the dogs but is also a competent instructor and is able to instruct owners in a clear and concise way on what they need to do to encourage the best from their dogs.

Jodie’s training is based on fun techniques that set the dog up to succeed. She says “Training is about progress, not perfection. It’s my job to make the training session fun and make it easy for the dogs to learn. Small steps achieve big things”.

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