There are several options available to accommodate your dog while you are away or would like to take the dog with you on holiday. There are pros and cons for each option but the decision is down to the individual owner. The options are :

Pet sitting

Pet sitting is a service for your dog to board in someone else’s home or a home sitter in your own home. Things to consider would be:

  • The dogs temperament
  • The person who will be caring for your dog
  • Insurance
  • How many dogs in the home boarders home at one time and the facilities
  • What experience do they have of your breed of dog
  • References from previous clients especially if they are staying in your own home.
  • Physical abilities in dealing with your dog.
  • If your dog has special requirements such as feeding and medication can they be met?

Boarding kennels

This is a service which offer secure facilities where your dog will be contained within a kennel environment. Things to consider:

  • Facilities are they secure.
  • Experience of staff with your breed of dog.
  • What activity packages/enrichment levels will be provided during the day.
  • The dogs temperament
  • What feeding/bedding arrangements
  • What vaccinations are required.
  • Is there supervision 24/7
  • Are you able to view the facilities prior to booking?
  • If your dog has special requirements such as medication, will they be able to meet these needs.

Travelling with your pets

Taking your dog on holiday with you. Things to consider:

  • Are the facilities where you are staying are they pet friendly
  • Is there a maximum number of dogs allowed?
  • Vaccinations/requirements for the Pet passport scheme for travel outside of the U.K.
  • Will your dog be able to cope with the Weather conditions at your destination?
  • Where will you be able to leave your dog if you are going out and taking the dog is not an option.
  • Behaviour/temperament of the dog.
  • Is your dog a good traveller and not get stressed/anxious during the journey.
  • Does the travel company/airline/ferry have restrictions?
  • Cost of travel especially flying.

Leave your dog with family or friends

Entrusting your dog with a member of your family or friend while you are away Things to consider:

  • Are they able to cope with your dog’s temperament
  • Are they reliable and is there a contingency plan if while you are away or prior to going they are unable to for any reason.
  • Is it fair to expect family/friends to take responsibility?
  • Is there house/garden secure
  • Do they have a dog or other animals in the house that your dog would have to tolerate?
  • If they have children is your dog friendly and not boisterous with young children who are dog friendly/allergies.
  • Are they able to meet any special diet or medication requirements
  • Are they able to keep your dog mentally and physically exercised?