Welfare Assistant

Natalie joined Royvon in June 2018, having graduated from Warwickshire College with an Animal Science degree. She has previously worked with a variety of animals and has volunteered at a small children’s farm in Birmingham as well as a greyhound retirement and rescue centre in Solihull. In 2017, she also volunteered at a rescue centre in Thailand, working with a range of different exotic animals, whilst also helping to care for the stray dogs who lived on site.

Like all our members of staff at Royvon, Natalie is a huge dog lover and is especially fond of Spaniels, having had them as family pets her whole life.

Despite only having been with us a short amount of time, Natalie has been inspired by our work here at Royvon and hopes one day soon to attend courses at the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) and to gain a better understanding of the training side of our services.

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