Trainer and Welfare Assistant

Ellie joined us here at Royvon after completing her Level 3 Extended Diploma in Animal Management at Hartpury College, but her passion for dog training was sparked long before that. As a young girl Ellie was brought up on a farm around lots of animals, and was hugely inspired by her Grandad who was a dog handler in the army and an established gamekeeper. Watching him train his gun dogs spurred her own love of dogs, in particular working breeds such as Labradors, Spaniels and Shepherds that have a high drive and are eager to learn.

However Ellie also has a lot of time and patience for those dogs that needs a little extra TLC to help their confidence to grow. Whether that be helping them to become more comfortable around other dogs, people or even just realising that the big bad world out there isn’t so bad after all. Her bubbly attitude and optimism means that it doesn’t take her long to build an incredible bond with her training dogs, allowing them to meet their training goals as a team.

Ellie has been attending courses with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) to expand on her ever-growing knowledge of dog training and behaviour, as well as gaining a qualification in Canine First Aid. She is also working towards accreditation with IMDT.

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