Are you contemplating whether to send your dog to day school at Royvon. It may not be right for everyone but Hannah thinks it has been a great choice for her,  the family and Bella the Labrador.


Feel free to contact us for further details or try a taster session. We love to hear how we are able to help dogs and their owners. Our aim to help owners to have well trained dogs that they can take anywhere with them,


This is what Hannah has to say about her experience…


“The kids always wanted a dog and to be fair they do give her a lot of attention when they have time. The issue we had before Bella started attending day school at Royvon was that they couldn’t walk her as she pulled them down the street and sometimes when she was let off the lead at the park she would suddenly become selectively deaf and would not come back when called. The kids would chase her and then she thought that was a good game so she just ran away even more teasing them to chase and try and catch her, and if she jumped in the lake then that was it, she would be swimming for hours and would not come out.


Every morning I would drop the kids at School and then take Bella to the park. I couldn’t let her off the lead just in case she decided that she wanted to play “catch me if you can or go for a swim” and if that happened I would be late for work. After our walk I would take Bella home and then rush to get ready for work. Bella would be left at home to chill out with her toys until we returned later in the day. I know this wasn’t much fun for her but we have to work and the kids have to go to school.


Upon our return Bella would be mental. She would be running around like a lunatic, jumping on the kids, pulling their coats and barking. She would be so excited and full of energy that the first thing we would need to do is to take her out for a long walk or play ball with her to tire her out. Our weekends would be spent as a family including Bella but we had to choose the family activities we did carefully as Bella was not well behaved enough to go everywhere. We dreamed of being able to take Bella with us to sit outside the pub or on a day out to visit friends or just sightseeing or visiting the beach.


And then, just by chance I stumbled upon Royvon Dog School on Facebook. I contacted them to  enquire and was told how I could book online. The process is simple once registered and I now book Bella in as and when I need her to go. We usually send her 3 days a week and the cost for that is £100.


Bella has been going for 5 weeks now and the training is paying off already. Bella now knows how to walk nicely on the lead and no longer drags the kids down the road. The recall is an


on going work in progress but we now know what we were doing incorrectly previously.  We have attended 2 training sessions with Bella’s trainer where we have seen what Bella has been doing at school and learned what we have to do at home to cement the new behaviours. We now understand that consistency is the most important thing . We also practice the exercises that the trainer has taught us as homework. Bella is a much more relaxed dog after a day at school. She returns home and crashes out for the evening. The calmness is bliss.


The mornings are also much easier for me as I now drop the kids and Bella at school and get to work early. As I can drop Bella off at 8 am and collect her around 5pm my days are much more relaxed with less running around. Each evening we look for the daily updates that Royvon post on social media and check in on what Bella did at School that day. Looking at the daily pictures is our favourite evening pass time.


We plan to continue sending Bella to day school  at Royvon in the hope that her behaviour will continue to improve. If it does then our aim is to take Bella camping with the family in the Summer rather than having to leave her with a dog sitter.”