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Darren James is the Royvon Managing Director. He was born in 1971 at Royvon’s Merthyr Tydfil site, now known as Royvon’s Headquarters.

Growing up, he enjoyed school and spending time with his friends but what drove him was his desire to be the best he could be in the field of Dog Training and Professional Dog Handling.  This passion was both a hobby for competitions and on a professional level, as he was training our guests’ dogs since he was 13 years old.

As he got older, he began specializing in behaviour modification. He excelled in solving problems that led to life-changing results for not only many pet parents, but also their dogs as they learnt how to feel confident and comfortable in the world around them. Although he loved to see each dog improve every day, his main motivation was seeing their parents witness what had been achieved in a relatively short period of time. Whilst Darren doesn’t like seeing people cry, he makes an exception when the tears are out of joy. He’d often end up with a few tears himself, knowing how different things would be from then on for their family.

At the age of 25, Darren had trained many hundreds of dogs on our Complete Training Programme. He decided that he no longer wanted to be ‘The Best Dog Trainer in the World’ but instead wanted to help as many pet parents as possible with the skills that he had learned. Darren was studying in night school and used the knowledge he acquired to build a dog training business that employed professional dog trainers and opened locations across the UK.

Since then Royvon has gone from strength to strength, bringing untold joy to countless dog owners and their companions across the UK. In May 2019 Darren will be opening a new Pet Care College in Shanghai which will help to meet China’s need for formal pet care training at Western standards, and address the negative attitude towards animals, in particular the treatment of dogs across Asia.

“I am and have been very fortunate to work with such amazing people who put care of our guests at the very top of their daily focus. It certainly is an honor for me to be able to carry on my family’s legacy with these people who share the same passion and advocacy. Seeing how they bring immeasurable joy to thousands of pet parents and dogs is a source of inspiration for me to continue to lead Royvon to more successes.”

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