Instructor Led
Puppy Training

If you have a new puppy, or are you thinking of getting one, then puppy training should be the most important item on your training agenda. We can accompany you on every stage of the process - most importantly how puppies develop, when the most rapid learning takes place and exactly what you can be doing during this time to shape the behaviour of your adult dog.

Puppy Training

We are excited to offer a bespoke residential puppy training programme that focusses on creating a routine for puppies. Throughout their stay, each puppy will receive daily training and activity sessions. The puppies will also experience enriching walks each day to help with their socialisation and habituation, plus helping with their generalisation to deal with distractions in the real world.

During the training programme they will be following guidelines which will encourage calm behaviour within the house – no jumping up, not being on the furniture, no mouthing. We will teach them an understanding of basic obedience skills to help them onto a more balanced puppyhood. Each owner will receive their own puppy pack containing a DVD and command structure upon departure. The owners will come to site for an hour lesson to learn the training principles that have been used in order for them to carry on the training when they take their puppy home.

Brilliant! Experts and innovators in their field.

Parker, Surrey

We were absolutely amazed at the change in our dog’s behaviour.

Jones, Surrey