Choosing a Puppy Breeder: Top Tips From The Professionals

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Bringing a new puppy into the home can be a very exciting time, but it is vital that you make the right decisions when it comes to choosing a puppy breeder, litter and individual puppy to give you the best chance of having a happy, healthy companion. We have all heard the stories of

Dogs can’t eat these foods. What all dog owners need to know!

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Dogs can't eat these foods. The canine body and digestive system are very different from our own so foods that are safe for us can prove toxic to a dog. It is vital to remember that dogs and especially puppies are inquisitive, opportunistic creatures and are likely to eat anything that they come across. Below

What kind of holiday

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In this day and age life flies by at a thousand miles an hour. Work, school runs, business meetings, walking the dog.  Every day, boring routines that have to be done. We all need a break, an adventure, a holiday at least once each year. That’s what we look forward to as humans. A

Royvon Merthyr

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Let your dog stay in our dog hotels with beautiful country surroundings! Merthyr is where it all began over 50 years ago. Since 1959, we have been caring for the precious dogs of pet parents from all over the UK. It is Royvon’s headquarters, and it is set in a 6-acre private and secure

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