My name is Anna. I finished my studies in the Dog Training Academy in Greece in 2012.
My dog training philosophy is striving to build a bond and a great communication between the dog and the owner, which leads to a happy life together.
My passion is teaching the dogs the behaviours, from the simplest ones (like lie down) to the more complicated chains of behaviours (Agility, Competitive obedience and dog dancing).
With my dogs we have made appearances in Pet festivals, performing tricks, obedience and Frisbee. With my Border Collie Bella we have managed to reach to the quarter-finals of the TV show “Greece got talent”, displaying dog tricks with the music.
I also love helping dogs who are struggling with behavioural issues and seeing their owners finding the way to understand their dog and improving their relationship. I am participating on a regular basis in seminars and workshops about dog behaviour and dog sports, improving myself, so i can pass on the knowledge to clients and help the owners and their dogs to succeed.

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