Amanda has worked with animals throughout her life, and has grown up with all sorts of dogs ranging from German Shepherds, Dachshunds and Bulldogs.

Her career with animals began with her work as a trained jockey, applying what she’d learnt from her qualification in horse care and management to address behavioural issues, and train her own horse.

After 20+ years working with horses, she then began working in a veterinary practice as a trainee nurse. Through this she learnt the importance of meeting the animals emotional needs and ensuring that they they have a bond built on trust and safety, as well as the influence of medical issues on behaviour.

Since working at Royvon, Amanda has been managing our activity play sessions for the last 3 years. Through this she has learnt more about play etiquette and appropriate social skills, and used her know-how from her years in the veterinary industry to help many shy dogs come out of their shell.

She is particularly passionate about working with rescue dogs, and those that display complex anxiety or aggression problems- to help them overcome their issues, grow in confidence and blossom into happier and more sociable dogs. Her warmth and understanding means that both dogs and owners feel at ease in her presence, and are able to make progress with their training at their own pace. Her favourite part of the job is watching the incredible transformation in her training dogs, and their new optimistic approach to the outside world after 3 weeks.

Whilst Amanda has a space in her heart for every dog, she absolutely loves the quirky characters of bullbreeds. She has been attending workshops and seminars with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) to develop her knowledge, and to assist her in her journey to becoming IMDT accredited.


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