Aleks moved to Wales, to join Royvon from the windswept coast of Ireland in 2015, where she taught clicker skills and agility classes in her local dog training club and coached new dog owners.

She brought with her a nerdy passion for training precise skills and modifying reactivity, aggression and over-arousal in the kindest way possible, utilising her in-depth knowledge of canine behaviour and her ever growing collection of interactive training games.

Aleks’s superpowers are: social and predatory play, confidence building in shy dogs and working with full on “drivey” dogs. Her addictions are: clicker training, obsessive learning and dog enrichment toys and activities.

Aleks completed the Canine Behaviour and Training course with Elista, accredited by International Society of Animal Professionals (ISAP) in 2014. She is currently in the process of becoming a full member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT).

Since coming to Royvon, she has continued adding new methods and skills to her toolbox, by attending seminars, courses, workshops and conferences. She fell in love with Behaviour Adjustment Training, a gentle and powerful way of working with frustrated, aggressive and fearful dogs, developed by Grisha Stewart. This method, along with other modern reward-based approaches, has proven to be very successful with several hundreds of dogs trained by Aleks to date here at Royvon.

However, the most essential part of the journey is owner participation and owner training. Aleks’s aspiration is to help all her clients reach their training goals, with compassion, support and enthusiasm.

Aleks lives in Wales with her two rescue dogs: a grumpy but charming collie cross and a bonkers staffie cross. Their favourite things to do together are agility and competitive obedience training, clicker games and tricks, destruction boxes (ask her!), wild swimming and hiking the mountains. Oh, and morning cuddles!

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