Megan with her furbbabies


General Manager

Megan is originally from Liverpool but has a wealth of experience living and working overseas, particularly in the Middle East.
Megan is a qualified canine behaviourist and trainer in addition to having experience in many fields of the dog training world! She holds a Pet care business Diploma and is always on the lookout for more ways of expanding her knowledge base.

Whilst working in the Middle East, Megan helped found a much needed canine rescue organisation in Oman which was often under-resourced and meant working in difficult conditions. Despite these challenges, she still managed to gain an enormous amount of experience working, caring and rehoming rescue dogs. She loves nothing more than helping them in their journey to come out of their shells.
Megan thoroughly enjoys the dynamics of working within a strong team and enjoys creating relationships with both dogs and their owners to make each stay for a dog fun and enjoyable.
Megan really enjoys the training aspects of her work ( four-legged and two-legged)  and has a real love for agility, obedience and freestyle disciplines.
She also loves spending time with her own furry children – Xena, Fudge and Bella who accompanied her in her arrival from the Middle East.

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