Kim Young



Kim joined Royvon in September 2019 as a young trainer apprentice. 

She grew as a trainer so much in the first few months working along with Romeo and Megan where she learnt to help people to understand their pets more, but also helping animals reach their full potential. 

Kim has her own anxious rescue dog, called Jess, which makes her sensitive towards other peoples pets. She is giving them attention and training the same way she would do for hers. Kim is very kind, active and lively person and here are her words about working at Royvon Dog Boarding and Training Hotel: “In other jobs I have worked, I have found myself counting down the hours to go home. But at Royvon, I always run out of time!”

She began working in dog kennels when she was 14.

When she was living abroad she worked at a rescue kennels, helping rehabilitate and re-home abandoned and neglected dogs. 

Upon her return to England she assisted her dogs trainer at his kennels, with pack walking dogs, which helped her to learn more about dogs’ body language. 

Here she also became to be more confident around different aggressive dogs, and ones more sensitive or anxious. The fact that many people gave dogs up just because of behaviour problems, which can actually be fixed, gave her the passion to become a trainer, to help people build bonds and love their dogs eternally.

She is now working towards IDMT membership.

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