The Transition of Dog on Dog Agression

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The data isn’t available but our experience has concluded that the vast majority of dog aggression starts as fear or nervous aggression. Unfortunately parents do not understand the early signs and either do nothing or take actions that exacerbate and reinforce the problem. Each family will then proceed on their own journey from a

Not Enough Time

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You have just adopted a new family member, but the clock is ticking away, bad behaviour begins to creep in but training seems impossible! You’re desperately searching for the time but it never seems to present itself to you. The pressure mounts, and you’re left asking yourself, do I have the time to take

The First Clicker

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HOW TO CHARGE THE CLICKER In this video Rhona Nasson  uses a toy and a key word to mark the desired behaviour. The advantage of using a clicker,  is that trainer is able to reward a desired behaviour rapidly and this increases the chance that the dog will associate the click with something nice happening.

Using a toy as a motivator

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Motivating your dog In this video Ross Henderson  uses a toy and a key word to mark the desired behaviour. Motivation varies greatly between dogs, for some dogs, food is the greatest reward you could provide so it is highly motivating to use during training sessions. For other dogs, a toy is better than food.

Learning Recall, Focus and Attention

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Have fun when training In this video Kahla Delahay uses the clicker method to mark the desired behaviour. Discover how you and your dog can have fun, and learn at the same time. The video is based on basic games that will help you and your dog to have fun playing together. Your dog will also start learning the building

Uneasy About Residential Dog Training? We’re Here To Help!

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If the idea of residential dog training makes you uneasy, then know you aren’t alone. Many people have reservations, for any number of reasons, about committing their canine to this type of training. Indeed, who’s to say those worries aren’t justified? Except, here at Royvon we want to reassure you that our methods, facilities,

Royvon Merthyr

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Let your dog stay in our dog hotels with beautiful country surroundings! Merthyr is where it all began over 50 years ago. Since 1959, we have been caring for the precious dogs of pet parents from all over the UK. It is Royvon’s headquarters, and it is set in a 6-acre private and secure

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