Why do dogs pull on the lead, and how to prevent it with loose lead walking

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Pulling on the Lead Is your dog an embarrassment as he tows you along the pavement on your daily walks? Do you envy those people whose dogs walk nicely to heel? Wish that it could be you and your dog, but don't know how to get to that stage? Don't worry, help is at

Hugo the German Shepherd

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This is Hugo the German Shepherd Dog. He is here on our Complete Training Programme. In particular his owner wanted help with his lead walking as she is recovering from surgery and Hugo previously pulled hard and constantly, making him unmanageable and unwalkable. We have worked very hard on his impulse control too and

Shadow the German Shepherd

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Shadow the German Shepherd's behaviour problems had cost inconvenience to his owners. He has been taken to specialists, dog training classes, and everybody told them that he had no hope towards improvement. With the help of Royvon’s Dog Aggression Training under the guidance of his expert trainer Ross, Shadow has shown progress within a

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