Sidney the Cockapoo

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Meet Sidney the Cockapoo who joined us for showing naughty behaviour. Sidney would jump up at people, be very impulsive, pull on the lead and not settle. In the video you will see Ross his trainer teaching Sidney how to behave around people, walk nicely on the lead and go to 'place' to settle.

Alfie the Bedlington Cross

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Alfie the Bedlington mix was brought to Royvon as a troubled little guy. He was a very undersocialised rescue who had a serious bite history with other dogs and his owners were at their wits end. Changing this kind of deep set reactivity takes some time, however at Royvon he made some huge steps forward

Top Ten Tips on German Shepherd Dogs

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Imposing, loyal, athletic, intelligent, and energetic are all good words to describe the German shepherd dog (GSD). Unfortunately, all too often other words pop to mind such as wilful, unruly, nervous, aggressive, and unpredictable. However, don’t be down-hearted because with the right guidance and appropriate training you can improve a German shepherd’s behaviour out of

Molly the German Shepherd

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Meet Molly, an adolescent German Shepherd who first arrived at Royvon in a tumult of reactive barking and lunging at people and dogs. New places and situations would also make her nervous and anxious. She has recently completed her Behaviour Modification Programme.

Skye the White German Shepherd

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Skye the White German shepherd came to us for showing aggression towards other dogs on and off the lead. During her stay we built positive associations with other dogs and improved her social skills. please watch the video above to see how well she did on the programme below.    

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