Arnold the Miniature Dachshund

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Complete Training Programme Take a look at our Before and After video of dealing with Excessive barking, with Arnold the Miniature Dachshund. Arnold joined our 3 week Complete Training Programme for obedience training. One of the main concerns Arnold’s owners had was his excessive barking. Arnold is quite a nervous dog and would bark at

Toffee and Treacle the Cocker Spaniels

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Meet Toffee and Treacle two six month old Cocker Spaniel sisters. They have been staying with us on the Complete Training Programme. Their owners main concerns were walking to heel and wanted help with muzzle training for travelling. They are such gorgeous girls and worked hard on their training.

Danny the Collie Cross

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Danny the Collie Cross joined us on the Behaviour Modification Programme for showing aggression towards other dogs and people. Danny's owners who are retired found it difficult to control his aggressive behaviour and had looked for other trainers, but after coming across our website they felt our services would best suite them. During Danny's stay

Dylan the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

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Dylan is a young Wheaten Terrier who joined us on our Behaviour Modification Programme. This young fellow had a fear reactive behaviour which made him be in conflict with the elements around him. Dogs, humans or any stimulation that was around was being met by Dylan with nervousness and sometimes aggressive reactions. Due to the

Baby the French Bulldog puppy

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Have a look at the before and after of Baby the French Bulldog Puppy's Training. Baby joined us for some in-home training mainly focusing on her lead walking and toilet training. Her trainer Rhona also worked to improve her basic obedience and life skills as well as socialising her and improving her confidence outside.

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